Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to bring for Air Potato Pick-Up

Here are some useful things to bring on Jan. 16th:

Remember, we're picking up air potatoes (the link will explain what they are and why they're bad) and putting them in buckets. This is what they look like:

You should bring:
  • gloves
  • long sleeves
  • pruners (or other clippers to clip the vines)
  • closed, comfortable shoes
  • water
  • snack (granola bar, e.g.)
  • a hat
If anyone has a golf cart that could be used for the day, please get in touch with Connie.

Also helpful if you have them:
  • bicycle or rollerblades
  • buckets
  • garbage bags
Most of the work will be done in the areas below (click to enlarge) marked by the red arrows:

Some areas are a good 15-minute walk from the launch area. There will be a registration at the Pavilion -- 2 on the map -- and a further sign-in at the parking lot marked 3. Around 1 p.m. at the pavilion, there will be warm food and drinks for all participants.

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